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About the Course :-The Offshore Catering Course Rating are employed for the upkeep and maintenance of the accommodation and living  spaces .they attend to the MessRoom of officer & crew to serve food . Onboard Oil Rigs & Platforms,Accomodation Barges, jackup Barges.Cargo Barges.
To provide passengers and aircrew with the knowledge and confidence to assist in their survival in the event of a helicopter ditching at sea .On completion, participants will be able to demonstrate competence in theory and practice
This course is designed to advise and prepare delegates for the possible encounter of Hydrogen Sulphide in an offshore environment.  It is intended for personnel that may be required to enter H2S designated areas and who may potentially be exposed to hydrogen sulphide H2S
Offshore Crane Operators are responsible for operating the crane on the rig and offloading from the supply ships. They serve as the Roustabout's foreman, and provide supervision to the roustabouts, as well as the Assistant Crane Operator, when loading and unloading of supplies for the supply ships, as well as moving equipment on the rig decks. Offshore crane operators are required to have an Offshore Crane Operator Certificate. Additionally, they should have experience working as a rigger \ roustabout.
It provides knowledge , skill, speech, confidence familarisation to conduct evaluation in various situation on board ship to run smoothly. It improve the power of command and under standing  while conducting operation  on Board It develop the Marine English speaking power, testing skill and certification for sea going officers and the rating..
In essence, the Code takes the approach that ensuring the security of ships and port facilities is basically a risk management activity and that to determine what security measures are appropriate, an assessment of the risks must be made in each particular case
Designed for crew members on offshore service vessels to safely control a barge and position it in and out of a dockside berth.  It also explains techniques and hazards of towing and hip towing operations.

Improve your crew's level of knowledge on towing and hip towing Maintain a safe working environment
Long hours, bad weather, muddy decks, hand pinch hazards and proximity to buoys and wires under strain are all risk factors.  Recognizing these factors is the first step to working safely.  Anchor handling is one of the most demanding and inherently dangerous tasks performed in the Marine service industry.  Be prepared with the use of proper training
Before arriving at the dock all crewmembers should don their Personal Protective Equipment and move out onto the deck. All lines should be prepared for docking making sure that they will feed out freely
Marlin English on line test is conducted in this Academy and certification through U K Based I S F marlin test authorized test centre. It improves the skill and confidence lavel  of seafarers.
The BOSIET course is a minimum requirement to work offshore. The course consists of four modules; Safety Induction, Helicopter Safety and Escape (HUET), Sea Survival and First Aid, Fire Fighting and Self Rescue. The BOSIET is required for cold water areas and includes additional training in the use of survival suits and emergency breathing systems during the HUET module.

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