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Haware’s Centurion, 3rd Floor,
T-03, Plot 88 to 91, Sector 19A,
seawood Station (E)
Navi Mumbai 400706

Phone   : 022-31927330
Telefax : 022-27709550
Mobile   : 09820520893/08689993366
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Haware's Centurion, T-03, Plot 88-91,
Sector 19A, Seawood (East)
Navi Mumbai 400706
The Seabase Ship Management Pvt. Ltd  is a global third party ship manager. To be a premier crew management organization preferred by its customer and to exceed the aspirations of the marine industry by setting a benchmark of providing quality crews worldwide with commitment and professionalism.

This uniquely decentralize approach ensures that the client is never any great distance from his manager regardless of the global nature of the maritime industry. A combination of traditional marine skills and cutting edge technology makes seven ocean ship management a world leader in third party ship management.
The  crew  is  the most  important  part of  the  full  ship Management. The quality of people engaged onboard will make the different between successful and unsuccessful ship management. we ensure that the vessel is manned  with  qualified  and  well  trained  officers and  ratings  according  to the owners  wishes and requirements. As crew manager Seabase Ship Management, performs all customary management function related to crewing.
Seabase ship management provides full management to ship owners &ship managers by identifying their requirements correctly and then meeting them.
Manning related services, such as retention, long term planning and pool arrangements, medical insurance, health checkup and treatment if necessary along with mustering travel arrangement &working gear for crew joining vessel.
Maintaining ship account like portage bill, wages, bonded stores &master cash a/c yearly budget report and costing report.
Our training involve arranging professional training Courses in house as well as from third party institute to continuously upgrade professional skill and knowledge of international maritime organization.

We also believe in doing in house briefing education and importing training to seafarer with regard to operations, Technical maintenance and our charge. The training is imparted to safety management system and international safety management code for operating ships.
The sea going staff that man our vessels are our most important unit of management. Without quality crew onboard our vessels efficient technical management is impossible.

We are complete ship management organization with officers in various parts of the globe. We offers the following services, which includes but are not limited to the following.
Providing a complete one point solution to the shipping world.
Chartering of vessels.
Providing consultancy toward purchase of new/ old vessels.
Selecting, screening and hiring the best qualified seafarers required by the principals from our maintained pool of seafarers.
Operating and management of offshore supply & shore basses.
Total project transportation & supply chain logistic services
Maning on rigs, construction barge and support craft & supply vessels.
Specialized commercial consultative and marketing services.
We at the seven ocean seabase ship management pvt. Ltd. are  engaged in providing world class services for Air freight , sea freight , customer clearance , transportation , packing , insurance , warehousing , etc.

We carry a vast experience in proving custom clearance services. our logistics solutions are simply unparalleled . We provide modernized services for packaging and ensure the safe and sound delivery of goods.

We pay special attention for the tracking of the customers orders we strangely follow the customers orders we strangely follow the status of shipment and keep client well informed about all development process. The digital certificate services are very genuine and affordable.

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To be a premier organization , which offers total shipping solutions by providing high quality innovative services to its customers is the market leader and the trendsetter in the Indian sub continental, Arabian gulf, west Africa & and south east Asia region.
To provide quality and reliable services to our customers